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The member municipalities of the SWCTC participate in accordance with a Joint Powers Agreement. The Joint Powers Agreement was structured so each community could appoint two voting representatives to the Commission, one city official and one council appointee, along with one alternate who votes in the absence of a voting representative at commission meetings. Each director has one vote on the Commission. Each member city and township has two votes on the Commission.

Each commission director is responsible for determining issues that need to be brought to the attention of their member city as well as taking the necessary steps to communicate those issues.

Commission directors attend a minimum of two of their member city council meetings each year for the purpose of communicating cable and commission issues to the city council and the council's position back to the Commission.

Commission directors also attend one of the annual conferences to stay in touch with franchise issues and attempt to keep up with technology.

The Executive Committee of the Commission consists of the 4 officers of the Commission, the chair, vice-chair, treasurer and secretary. The Executive Committee may discuss matters concerning the Commission and the Commission may delegate to its Executive Committee any of its powers and duties to be undertaken during those times the commission is not in session.

The Commission employs a full-time administrator, a full-time master control operator and four full-time government producers.

Four part-time cablecasters are employed by the Commission to videotape over 23 live city council and commission meeting in the member cities and township each month