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South Washington County Telecommunications Commission (SWCTC) Minnesota has won the Second Place Digital Governance Award for Silverlight Excellence presented by Granicus, Inc. SWCTC distinguished itself in this category by being an early adopter of the Microsoft Silverlight plug-in. This extends its webcasting content across all internet browers and computers – dramatically increasing its reach. SWCTC also demonstrated excellence in their webcasting capability – producing creative content and maximizing their Granicus tools to foster increased public awareness and involvement. Justin Atkinson, Master Control Specialist, accepted the award on behalf of the SWCTC during the Digital Governance Awards Banquet held on August 8th at the 2008 Granicus® User Conference.

The SWCTC serves the Minnesota cities of Woodbury, Cottage Grove, St. Paul Park, Newport, and Grey Cloud Island Township. SWCTC strives to bring city government closer to the people. In addition to cablecasting live and replying its member cities meetings, SWCTC began webcasting and archiving all member cities commission and public meetings in January 2007. The response has been overwhelming which shows the growing public desire for greater access to city government information. “With our adoption of the Silverlight player, we are able to reach many more viewers, maximizing the reach of our government access programs” said Fran Hemmesch, Administrator, SWCTC, “we are pleased to be working with Granicus the nations leading provider of government webcasting.”

The highly competitive Digital Governance Awards seek to honor Granicus clients who display measurable outcomes with technological solutions that:
Improve efficiency in government and public services.

  • Enhance public communication.
  • Improve community engagement.
  • Facilitate government transparency.

A record number of applications were submitted. The competition was close. The winning jurisdictions demonstrated the most compelling use of Granicus technology. And they accomplished measurable and impressive results.

About Granicus
Founded in 1999, San Francisco-based Granicus helps government and constituents communicate without barriers. Serving more than 400 governing bodies in 39 states and reaching more than 25% of the American population, Granicus solutions enable vital improvements to public access, civic engagement, government accountability, and efficiency. We manage the world’s largest government webcasting network, supporting more than 85,000 public meetings and other government content, securely and reliably bringing vital government information closer to the people.

Fran Hemmesch, SWCTC Administrator, 651-458-9241 #101
Lauren Alexander, Communications Manager, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., 415-728-8624  x1788