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We take a ride down the Mississippi River, Mayor Bailey talks about the future of Cottage Grove and more.

We meet former Artist of the Month, Dwayne Tannahill, take skating lessons with Becky and John, Mayor Bailey talks about the Inclusive Playground community walk fundraiser and more.

This episode host Jon Lyksett is at Newport Pioneer Day. We also attended Heritage Days in St. Paul Park. Newport and St. Paul Park held Night to Unite and National Night Out gatherings. American Legion Post 98 and the St. Paul Park-Newport Lions held a fishing event for the physically challenged. Learn about a weekly car show in St. Paul Park and more.

We check out the 22nd annual Cottage Grove Safety Camp, visit the Farmer's Market, find out what's happening around town for business and development, and more.

This month host Jon Lyksett is at the 63rd Annual Fire Department Booya. The Newport Fire Department did a low angle rescue training. See another project that Newport on the Moves is working on. St. Paul Park Parks and Recreation Commission held a Move in the Park event and more.

We check out a new park in Cottage Grove, attend the Strawberry Fest Talent Show, hit the trails with Becky, Marshall and Roxie, and more.

This month host Jon Lyksett is at the brand new Friends in Need Food Shelf building. See what local veterans did for Memorial Day. Learn about Newport on the Moves latest project. Find out what the boy scouts did in St. Paul Park. See what the Newport Fire Department did to raise money and more.

Discover the history of the Cottage Grove Strawberry Fest, find out about new businesses and housing developments in town, check out some construction projects happening throughout the summer, and more.

This month host Jon Lyksett is at Lions Levee Park in St. Paul Park. St. Paul Park Fire and local area departments did a controlled house burn. Stone Soup Thrift Shop held their 8th Annual Stone Soup-er Bowl. See what was done to Lions Levee Park last fall. St. Paul Park and Newport will be having some road projects. See what happened at this year's Greet Your Garden Event and more.

We plant some trees at Cottage Grove's annual Arbor Day event, meet River Oaks interim manager Tyler Olson, check out some fun recreation programs happening this summer, and more.

This month host Jon Lyksett is at the Newport Library and Community Center. We get to see who was awarded the volunteer of the year in St. Paul Park. Learn about Newport library volunteer Barb Wilcziek. We meet up with the Washington County Sheriff's Department at the North Pole Restaurant. Learn about the "P.A.WS to Read" program. A new business opened up in Newport and more.

We check out Black Dirt Improv at River Oaks Golf Course and Events Center, find out why many of the City's roads start with a G, H, J, or I, hear about some new parks opening this summer, and more!

This month host Jon Lyksett is at Newport Public Works. We attend the Caucus here in South Washington County. Learn about the new St. Paul Park Police Chief Jessica Billmeyer. We meet up with some Newport Public Work employees who are tree trimming. The New-Park Lions put on their Spring into Action event and more.

The City showcases an exciting new renovation at Woodridge Park, meet Christine Costello, the new Economic Development Director, check out another expansion happening in the Business Park, and more!

Join County Commissioner Karla Bigham as we meet a local Cottage Grove family and learn more about foster care, find out how volunteers helped with a huge project at the Park Grove library, talk with Matt Moore from the South Washington Watershed District, go to the County Attorney's office, explore the Historic County Courthouse, and get booked into the County Jail.

This month host Jon Lyksett is at Ed's Trophies in Newport. Police Chief Mike Monahan retires from the St. Paul Park Police Department. The St. Paul Park Fire Department gets ready for an upcoming house burn. Public works floods the ice skating rink. We get to meet some of the workers at Ed's Trophies. St. Paul Park celebrated their Winterfest event and more.

Learn what it's like to be a foster parent in Washington County, Minnesota by spending time with the Kirsch family from Cottage Grove.

Learn more about being a foster parent:
CALL: 651-430-6455

More than 400 hours of volunteer time was given at the Park Grove Library in Cottage Grove to complete a radio frequency identification project. Librarian Patti Berglund and volunteer Helene Rehm tell us about what's new inside each and every book.

Learn more about the library:

Join Washington County Commissioner Karla Bigham as she talks with Matt Moore from the South Washington County Watershed District. They discuss the Grey Cloud Crossing project and work planned for the Cottage Grove Ravine Regional Park.

For more information about the watershed:

This month host Jon Lyksett looks back on some stories that occurred in 2015. See what American Legion Post 98 and local area lions did to give back to the disabled. Learn about the new Fire Chief in Newport. Watch last years Memorial Day video. See how Stone Soup Thrift Shop does furniture pickup. We go to Pullman Elementary School for Walk to School Day and more.

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