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Woodbury Mayor Mary Gulianni-Stephens thanks all those who volunteer in the city.

See why Woodbury is a great place to do business.

The all inclusive playground Madison's Place is under construction at the Bielenberg Sports Center. See a preview of what this playground will look like.

In the Rec. Zone: The New Years Eve Family Celebration, Cookies with Santa, Central Park Art Fair, Skating Lessons at the BSC.
Sign up for any recreation program at

The city of Woodbury is working with the University of Minnesota to improve the bee population.

Woodbury Historian Inez Oehlke tells us about attending Woodbury's one room school houses.

Every year Woodbury Magazine sponsors the focus on Woodbury Photo Contest. Steven Shor enters the contest every year and his photos do well. We meet this Woodbury Photographer in this feature from Woodbury Citystyle.

Former Woodbury Fire Chief, Bruce Stafford, was honored by the Saint Paul Saints, on their September 12th, game at CHS field. Stafford was the team's first EMT, and an avid fan.

Join Woodbury for the 22nd Annual Safety Camp!

The Little Miss/Miss Woodbury Days Coronation recorded on August 31, 2015.

Movies in the Park, Big Truck day, Paddleboarding and more on the Rec Zones. Go to or call 651-714-3583 to register.

Highlights from Woodbury's 2015 Safety Camp at Carver Lake Park.

See whats coming to City Place, a new multi-use urban development in Woodbury.

Woodbury Historian Inez Oehlke tells us about Woodbury's first family, the Middletons.

This month Rec Zone features the Sports Sampler, Skateboard Camp, Backyard Bash and the Puppet Wagon Camp. Sign up for Woodbury Recreation Programs at

Four members of Woodbury's Parks department have been mowing park lawns for more than 15 years.

You've heard of Mountain Biking but how about Mountain Uni-cycling? The Twin Cities Unicycle club enjoys the Caver Lake Park Bike Trail every week. Find out more at

Woodbury Firefighter Val Huerta has been powerlifting for 14 years. In March, he put his strength to the test for charity, in an attempt to break a world record

Woodbury Police actively patrols for distracted drivers. We travel with Traffic Officer, Scott Melander to learn the dangers of distracted driving, and how Woodbury is actively fighting this problem.

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