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Conducting an inspection of your home watering system is an important practice for maximizing water use. Audits ensure that water is applied evenly to all areas of the lawn and determine how long a system should run. Homeowners should perform a basic irrigation audit every spring as systems are charged up for the growing season. For a step-by-step guide go to

In this month City Update:
Ojibway Park celebration
Kids Duathlon
A new Barnes & Noble store
Gov. Walz visits the Legends of Woodbury
Shriners Healthcare for Children groundbreaking
Woodbury photo contest
2020 City budget
New bicycle playground

In this edition of the Rec Zone:
Four-Legged Frenzy: Sept. 7
Youth Volleyball: Sept. 26-Oct. 24
Mission Kids Glo Run: Sept. 20
Big Truck Day: Sept. 28
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The city of Woodbury celebrated 26 years of Safety Camp. Safety Camp is a two-day camp where police officers, firefighters, camp leaders, and other safety experts will lead hands-on activities and presentations to teach campers a multitude of skills. Each day will include fun games and events, interactive safety sessions and swimming

The City of Woodbury is a leader in the sustainable construction movement. They are using an up-and-coming material TDA to expand its facility parking area. They will be constructing underground stormwater basins by using pervious pavement along with TDA to manage stormwater runoff. TDA is an alternative aggregate manufactured from discarded tires. Its popularity is growing because it provides many engineering and cost benefits.

The project will accommodate the city’s 2040 goals for public works expansions at 2301 Tower Drive by allowing the City to expand facility parking and properly man

This video is about the Emerald Ash Borer. Inspect your Ash Trees for infestation. The City of Woodbury has partnered with Rainbow Tree Care to offer residents a discount on treatment options. Get more details at

The Minnesota Hands-Free cellphone driving requirement starts on August 1. Meaning holding your phone while operating a motor vehicle is illegal. Woodbury Police Sergeant Scott Melander goes over the details of this new law.

Woodbury Works is a segment that looks at the jobs the city does daily. Join Streets Service Worker, Jim Montgomery, as he walks us through the process of repairing a crosswalk.

Reserve a park shelter at:

Emma Sroda clowns around with the creative team behind Woodbury's Puppet Wagon. They write and perform a new show every week. Catch them at a park near you until August 15th. Get a complete schedule at

Woodbury is a great place for industry. Harvey Vogel Manufacturing and Aveka have taken advantage of Woodbury's location and amenities to build highly successful industrial businesses.

Bailey Lake Park is coming soon! Video produced by

In this month City Update:
Information about Minnesota's Hands Free Law
Protect your tree against the Emerald Ash Borer
Woodbury Photo Contest information
Woodbury Days information
Some fun recreation programs and more.

In this edition of the Rec Zone:
Crystal Caves Youth Field Trip: Aug. 9
Nature in the Park: Aug. 13
Tiny Tot Triathlon: Aug. 3
Woodbury Days Challenge: Aug. 24
Shocking Electrical Engineering: Aug. 19-22
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Anne Burt and her family have been part of the Woodbury community for over 15 years and when her husband suggested she run for Mayor in 2018 she did. Get to know Mayor Burt in this story about her role with the city, her family, and what she enjoys doing in her free time.

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Be aware when you are walking and driving. Safety is everyone's responsibility.

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A 360° Video, pan around and share a unique view of the Spash Pad at the HeathEast Sports Center. Pan around the video and feel like your there.

Learn how Woodbury used four stormwater reuse systems for irrigation within the Urban Village and HealthEast Sports Center.

Matt Mathias is a paid-on-call firefighter and part-time paramedic for the city of Woodbury. Along with serving as a firefighter, he also has been serving in the army for over 15 years.

Mayor Anne Burt goes over the results of the 2019 community survey. You can view the complete survey at

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