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To celebrate the 46 years of movie magic under the stars the City of Cottage Grove and Cottage View Drive-In Owners and Managers hosted a free movie night on Thursday September 27th. Family friendly activities, a ton of vintage vehicles, and the feature movie "Grease" made this a night to remember.

This month on Your Public Safety: Mike & Gail give some Halloween safety tips from Zyweics' Haunting Experience, Officer Nils Torning talks about why police officers leave their squad cars running, Sgt. Mike Coffee talks about traffic safety awareness, and more!

This month, Council Member Dave Thiede joins City Administrator Ryan Schroeder to review what happened at the September Council meetings.

In 2012 the City of Cottage Grove is building a 66,000 square foot Public Safety City Hall. Meet a couple of the skilled professionals making this facility a reality. This video was created by South Washington County Telecommunications Commission.

See inside the new Public Safety/City Hall facility that will open in October. Walk 60-miles with Judy & Dave Bork, a local Cottage Grove couple working to find a cure for breast cancer. Danette Parr joins the fire department to find out first hand how to use the jaws of life. Find out where the City's trail system will be expanding in the future, and more.

This personal and touching story of a Cottage Grove couple helping to find a cure for breast cancer is produced by the South Washington County Telecommunications Commission. Discover why Judy & Dave are so passionate about this cause and the unusual way they raise funds.

Usually Danette Parr is the Economic Development Director for the City of Cottage Grove, but on this day she decided to pull on some bunker gear and become a firefighter. She learns first hand what it's like to use the jaws of life to free a person from a crushed vehicle.

Cottage Grove Safety Camp has kids learn on how to be safe and have fun at the same time. Cottage Grove Parks & Rec staff, along with Public Safety, teach kids in a variety of interactive sessions.

Every year the City of Cottage Grove hires summer horticulture interns to work around town. Danette Parr spent some time with them recently at Fire Station #2. As see on SWCTC's "Cottage Grove Spotlight" show.

Beyond the Yellow Ribbon is a comprehensive program that creates awareness for the purpose of connecting Service members and their families with community support, training, services and resources. In this piece crafted by the South Washington County Telecommunications Commission we get to know more about the organization in Cottage Grove Minnesota.

On the first Tuesday in August Cottage Grove residents team up with the public safety department to organize local block parties. This is the story of one such party. As seen on SWCTC's "Cottage Grove Spotlight" show.

Join host Ann Simpson as she bikes around Hamlet Park, the largest park in town. Ken Smith delivers the latest news including coverage of the NHL Charity Hockey game, green garden award winners, and a storm water project happening off highway 61. Then go inside a neighborhood Night to Unite block Party in Timber Ridge, get to know more about the Cottage Grove Beyond the Yellow Ribbon organization, watch our City Job host Danette Parr get dirty with the city summer horticulture interns, and see some city impound animals in need of new homes.

This month Council Member Dave Thiede joins City Administrator Ryan Schroeder to discuss what happened at the City Council meeting in August.

This month on the Rec Connection: MN Wild player Jeff Taffe gives us the lowdown on an NHL charity hockey game recently held at the Cottage Grove Ice Arena, we get an in-depth look at Cottage Grove's newest fun zone: the Splash Pad, and check out some upcoming programs being held this August & early fall!

This month Mayor Myron Bailey joins City Administrator Ryan Schroeder to discuss what happened at the July City Council meeting.

Discover why the new Cottage Grove Splashpad at Highlands Park is so popular.

Host Ann Simpson has some fun at this years Strawberry Festival while sharing stories about the new Highlands Park Splashpad, how Cottage Grove is working with surrounding communities to complete road projects, the newly remodeled Perkins Restaurant and the new SportClips in town. Plus Mayor Myron Bailey talks about an upcoming recreation referendum and we meet some adoptable animals.

Cottage Grove now has a new way to cool off on a hot summer day. Check out this commercial created by the South Washington County Telecommunications Commission featuring a group of grown ups that are really enjoying the City's newest amenity.

The Splashpad is located at Highlands Park on 70th and Idsen Ave in Cottage Grove, Minnesota.
Open 9am-9pm
Free to Enjoy

See how the Belden Railroad Crossing in Cottage Grove was made in to a quiet zone in 2012, a project local seniors at the Norris Square Living Facility have been waiting for.

The City of Cottage Grove joined a number of other municipalities that have begun using a flashing yellow arrow at signalized intersections. This video explains where you'll find those new flashing yellow arrows and more intersection changes around town.

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