Weekly Wire is the only weekly newscast dedicated to the south Washington County area. Join news anchors Justin Atkinson and Ann Schweisguth as they deliver the latest information.
View videos and programs specifically designed for Cottage Grove residents.
View videos and programs specifically designed for Newport residents.
View videos and programs specifically designed for St. Paul Park residents.
This is your place to see videos produced by SWCTC about the City Of Woodbury.
Quick 5-minute or less videos with City Administrator Charlene Stevens and a rotating Council Member discussing development, permits, presentations, and more.
First Response is all about the Woodbury Public Safety Department. Learn about new laws and how they will affect you plus find out about the men and women who serve the City.
Grove 911 is hosted by Cottage Grove Police Officers Mike Vandervort and Katie Phillips. Learn about new city ordinances, state laws, get safety tips and the opportunity to see the men and women behind the badge.
Check in with your legislators that represent the south Washington County area.
The purpose of the Society is to increase our knowledge of South Washington County's history of people, places, modes of transportation and our ties with the Mississippi River. In these pages, you will find a rich and colorful accounting of the people who founded our area and continued their families, commerce and communities.
Watch SWCTC programming from the past.
Take the Stage is a series that recognizes local artists in the South Washington County area.
Woodbury Citystyle is a program dedicated to the City of Woodbury. Hosts,Reed Smidt/Megan Beck/Emma Jarrett, will introduce you to the people that help make the City great, events around town, and let you know what the Recreation department has in store for your family.