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Grey Cloud Lime Kiln
From 1846 until 1902 this 35-foot lime kiln located on the Cottage Grove portion of Grey Cloud Island was used to burn limestone rocks into a powder that was used to fertilize farm fields. Join local history buff Herb Reckinger as he walks you inside the historic kiln.
Grove 911: Severe Weather Awareness
Summer is here, which means severe weather. Here's Firefighter/EMT Scott Hupport with some important safety tips.
Cottage Grove City News May 2015
Here's Communications Coordinator Sharon Madsen with some city news.
Cottage Grove Rec Connection May 2015
Hear about some fun recreation programs being offered this summer!
Mayor's Moment May 2015
Mayor Myron Bailey talks about the hiring process for the new Cottage Grove Administrator position.
Cottage Grove Road Construction 2015
There are several road construction projects happening throughout the summer in Cottage Grove.
Zulma Gonzalez
Zulma Gonzalez is a Cottage Grove resident who teaches Spanish across the Twin Cities.
Sunnyhill Park Ribbon Cutting
On April 25th, The City of Cottage Grove welcomed their newest park. It includes a playground, basketball half-court, pickleball court, picnic shelter, trail connection, landscaping and open space. Sunnyhill Park is located at 6201 Ideal Ave.
Preventing Garage Fires
A Garage fire can spread farther, and cause more injuries, than fires that start in any other areas of the home. Here are some tips on how you can prevent a garage fire.
Buzz Coffee
Buzz Coffee is located at the District 833 Program Center. It is open Monday-Friday from 8am-11am.
Mayor's Moment April 2015
Cottage Grove Mayor Myron Bailey talks about a new study of the Cottage Grove Trade Area.
Rec Connection April 2015
The Cottage Grove Recreation Department and Ice Arena are offering plenty of fun programs and events for summer!
CrossFit Riparian
CrossFit Riparian is located on West Point Douglas Road in Cottage Grove. They will be open to the public starting April 13th. For more information, visit
Cottage Grove Firefighter Mike Gabrielli
If you're interested in becoming a part-time firefighter in Cottage Grove, contact District Fire Chief Al Beasley at 651-458-6083. You can also print an application at
Wedding Gala at River Oaks Golf Course
If you're interested in having a wedding at River Oaks Golf Course, they offer several wedding packages. Check out their website at for more info.
Mayor's Moment March 2015
Mayor Myron Bailey is seeking input from Cottage Grove residents about a new way to communicate information to the community.
Rec Connection March 2015
The Cottage Grove Recreation Department and Ice Arena are offering plenty of fun programs and events for spring!
Push-Ups For a Purpose
A total of 95 people participated in the Push-Up's For a Purpose event at Park High School. Along with several other countries, they successfully broke the Guinness World Record for most push-ups in 60 seconds.
Cottage Grove Ice Arena West Rink Turf Install
The Cottage Grove Ice Arena recently installed new turf in the West Rink. If you’re interested in renting indoor Turf time for $90 an hour, contact Ice Arena Manager Jordan Hirman at 458-3400. If you’d like to attend Open Turf Times, visit for more information.
Changing Batteries in Smoke/CO Detectors
Cottage Grove Firefighter/Paramedic Blake Den Herder talks about why it's important to regularly change the batteries in smoke/CO detectors.
Mayor's Moment - February 2015
Cottage Grove Mayor Myron Bailey talks about the city's goals for 2015, and more!
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