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Grey Cloud Lime Kiln
From 1846 until 1902 this 35-foot lime kiln located on the Cottage Grove portion of Grey Cloud Island was used to burn limestone rocks into a powder that was used to fertilize farm fields. Join local history buff Herb Reckinger as he walks you inside the historic kiln.
S.C.O.R.E - Starting a Conversation on Racism Equality
S.C.O.R.E., Starting a Conversation on Racism Equality, is a board game created by Cottage Grove resident Audrey Clausen. The game is really more of a tool to discuss racism, prejudice, bigotry, and social issues. It promotes a safe zone for all races, cultures, and ethnicity.

Find out more about S.C.O.R.E:
Thompson Grove Country Club
It opened in 1960 in Cottage Grove, Minnesota and was billed as "The Nation's Most Beautiful Country Club". See how this facility changed over the years.

This video was made in partnership with the SWCTC and the Cottage Grove Advisory Committee on Historic Preservation.
Compost Site
The Compost site in Cottage Grove is operated by Rumpca Companies. It is open for residential and business use and you do not need to be a resident of Cottage Grove or Washington County.

Cottage Grove Compost Site
9600 Glendenning Road
Cottage Grove, MN 55016
Cottage Grove City Council Update August, 2014
This month Mayor Myron Bailey joins City Administrator Ryan Schroeder to discuss what happened at the August, 2014 Cottage Grove City Council Meetings.
The Longest Baseball Game Ever Played
On August 3rd, 2014, Cottage Grove entered the record books! The PHD Baseball Club shattered the Guinness World Record for playing the Longest Baseball Game Ever Played.
Cottage Grove Safety Camp 2014
Every summer, the Cottage Grove Recreation and Public Safety Department's team up to encourage youth safety.
Rec Connection August 2014
This month on the Rec Connection: a local resident competes in an international Disc Golf tournament, Cottage Grove enters the record books with the longest baseball game ever played, a look back at Safety Camp, and more!
CodeRED Emergency Notification System
Public Safety Director Craig Woolery and Officer Gail Griffith discuss the importance of signing up for CodeRED.
Market Chef Pantry
Meet Jon and Kim Heilmann and their family that live in Cottage Grove and make tasty jams, jellies, salsa, and more from their home. See how they make their products and sell them at the local farmer's market.

The Market Chef Pantry
9661 Harrow Ct S.
Cottage Grove, Minnesota 55016
(845) 489-4446

Cottage Grove Farmer's Market
Thursdays 2:30pm - 6:30pm
United Church of Christ Church
Corner of 70th Street and Lamar Avenue
Cottage Grove, MN 55016
Cottage Grove's First Police Officer
This history piece takes us back to the early 1960's when Cottage Grove first began building homes along highway 61 in the Thompson Grove neighborhood. We meet Ray Nelson who became the first police officer in town and find out what law enforcement was like in the early years in Cottage Grove, Minnesota.

This video was made in partnership with the SWCTC and the Cottage Grove Advisory Committee on Historic Preservation.
Mayor Myron Bailey - August 2014
Mayor Bailey talks about city finances in Cottage Grove, Minnesota.
Whole Health Center
Whole Health Center offers Chiropractic, Massage Therapy, and Nutrition Services to all ages.

Whole Health Center
8800 E Point Douglas Rd S Suite 500
Cottage Grove, Minnesota 55016
(651) 459-2000
G-Will Liquors Grand Opening
In July 2014 G-Will Liquors in Cottage Grove, Minnesota celebrated their new location in town.

G-Will Liquors
6990 80th Street. So.
Cottage Grove, MN 55016
(651) 459-5888
Cottage Grove Parks
Join Jon Lyksett as he explores some of the unique and popular parks in Cottage Grove, Minnesota. Included in this tour are Hamlet, Oakwood, Pine Tree Pond, Highlands, Kingston, and the Bike Park.

Learn more about the Cottage Grove Parks and Trail System:
Cottage Grove Spotlight August 2014
On this episode host Ann Simpson checks out the local farmer's market, we explore some local parks and find out what makes them so popular, meet a Cottage Grove couple who make and can their own jams, jellies, and salsas, see what police work was like in the 60's, Mayor Bailey talks about city finances, and more.

News with Sharon Madsen:
- River Oaks offering free live music in August
- City seeks Champion Trees
- New cookbook for sale
- Whole Health Center opens
- G-Will Liquors opens new location
Grove 911 July 2014
This month on Grove 911: we check out a recent gun safety event held at City Hall, learn about the CodeRED Notification System, and see some of the fun had at Cottage Grove Safety Camp.
Cottage Grove City Council Update July, 2014
This month Council Member Justin Olsen joins City Administrator Ryan Schroeder to discuss what happened at the July, 2014 Cottage Grove City Council meeting.
Online Bill Pay
For more information on paying your city utility bill online:
Cottage Grove Bike Park
The Cottage Grove Bike Park is located at West Draw Park.
Rec Connection July 2014
This month on the Cottage Grove Rec Connection: check out the new bike park and more!
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