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Grey Cloud Lime Kiln
From 1846 until 1902 this 35-foot lime kiln located on the Cottage Grove portion of Grey Cloud Island was used to burn limestone rocks into a powder that was used to fertilize farm fields. Join local history buff Herb Reckinger as he walks you inside the historic kiln.
Cottage Grove Skating School - Liatra Oss
For the last 33 years hundreds of people have learned to skate at the Cottage Grove Ice Arena from Skating School Director Liatra Oss. We caught up with Liatra at the rink to learn more about this skating guru.
Cottage Grove Town Hall
Built in 1881 the original town hall of Cottage Grove, Minnesota was built for a meeting place in town. Today it still sits as an historical site near Public Works off West Point Douglas Road. Local history buff Judy Spooner takes us inside.
Grove 911 January 2014
This month on a special episode of Grove 911: an inspirational story about how one woman's DUI arrest changed the course of her life.
Cottage Grove City Council Update January, 2014
This month Council Member Dave Thiede joins City Administrator Ryan Schroeder to discuss what the Cottage Grove City Council did at their January 2014 meetings.
Famous Dave's
On January 13, 2014 Famous Dave's opened in Cottage Grove, Minnesota. With 40 employees (most of which also live in town), an official rib cutting ceremony, and a giant inflatable pig named Wilbur the newest business to the City was welcomed.

Famous Dave's
8479 E. Point Douglas Rd. South
Cottage Grove, MN 55016
High School Hockey Games
Are you ready for some hockey? The Ice Arena hosts high school games all winter. For a complete schedule of upcoming hockey games visit
Rec Connection January & February 2014
It's more winter fun as we hit the popular cross country ski trails, catch some high school hockey, and more.
Council Update December 2013
This month Council Member Derrick Lehrke joins City Administrator Ryan Schroeder to discuss what happened at the December 2013 Cottage Grove City Council meetings.
Holiday Train 2013
To celebrate the 15th year of the Holiday Train Canadian Pacific chose one city in the United States to hold a signature stop. That city was Cottage Grove, Minnesota and on December 14th, 2013 over 15,000 people came out on a cold and snowy night! The bigger than normal concert featured Sheryl Crow, Take 6, and the Claytones. This is the story of that historic Holiday Train stop and one family's enjoyment of the event.
Holiday Train Prep 2013
On December 14, 2013 the Canadian Pacific Holiday Train made a historic stop in Cottage Grove, Minnesota. 15,000 people attended the signature concert event featuring Sheryl Crow, Take 6, and The Claytones. Before the train arrive the City of Cottage Grove, Canadian Pacific, and the local Holiday Train Committee had to do a lot of work to ensure this event was safe and well organized.
Cottage Grove Spotlight December 2013
On this 75th episode of Spotlight we celebrate with the CP Holiday Train. We join resident Pam Cunniff and her family as they explore and enjoy the 15th Anniversary Holiday Train in town featuring Sheryl Crow, Take 6, and The Claytones. We also find out how the City, CP, and many volunteers prepared for the event that attracted 15,000 and discover how the train decided to stop in Cottage Grove and how the event has evolved over the years.
News with Sharon Madsen:
- Tree Lighting Ceremony
- River Oaks Santa Breakfast
- Winter Parking Ban
- Resident Lisa Kaufenberg invents board game
Holiday Train History
Since 2003 the Canadian Pacific Holiday Train has stopped in Cottage Grove, Minnesota. Holiday Train organizers Mary Slusser, Sandy Shiely, and Phil Wagner take us back through 10 years of the train visiting in town.
Hale to the Bird 5K
On November 28th, 2013 Mayor Myron Bailey of Cottage Grove Minnesota pardoned a turkey. Not just any turkey though he pardoned Fatty Bird the mascot for the Hale to the Bird 5K at Hamlet Park. From this day forth Fatty Bird can continue to live and thrive in Cottage Grove.
Cupcake Race
Lisa Kaufenberg from Cottage Grove, Minnesota invented a board game named Cupcake Race. It's now sold in various locations across the country.
Tot Spot
For more info on how to register for this popular program, visit the Cottage Grove Recreation Department online:
Rec Connection December
This month on the Rec Connection: get a sneak preview of the popular Winter Tot Spot.
Grove 911 December
This month on Grove 911: It's pumpers, rigs, and cruisers as Mike & Gail celebrate the various vehicles of Public Safety!
Cottage Grove City Council Update November, 2013
This month Council Member Jen Peterson joins City Administrator Ryan Schroeder to discuss what happened during the November Cottage Grove City Council meetings.
Rec Connection November
This month on the Cottage Grove Rec Connection: we check out some fun upcoming events happening at the Ice Arena, meet hockey coach Chris Rudh, visit the Archery Range, and more!
Cottage Grove Spotlight November 2013
On this episode City Engineer Jennifer Levitt goes over some summer construction projects, we go inside the Business Enterprise Center, have a little adventure with Judy Spooner at the Langdon School house, and Mayor Bailey talks about upcoming seasonal events you won't want to miss.

News with Sharon Madsen:
- Winter Parking Ban
- Historic tour Shepard Farm/Dodge Nature Center
- Tree Lighting ceremony Dec. 4th
- River Oaks Santa Breakfast Dec. 8th
- Holiday Train Dec. 14th
- River Oaks Fall Fest
- Oktoberfest
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