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Grey Cloud Lime Kiln
From 1846 until 1902 this 35-foot lime kiln located on the Cottage Grove portion of Grey Cloud Island was used to burn limestone rocks into a powder that was used to fertilize farm fields. Join local history buff Herb Reckinger as he walks you inside the historic kiln.
Grove 911 March 2014
This month on Grove 911: special guest hosts Adam Overbey & Pat Nickle stand in for Mike & Gail. Also, tips on how to prevent home burglary and a look at the upcoming Citizens Academy.
Cottage Grove City Council Update March, 2014
This month Mayor Myron Bailey joins City Administrator Ryan Schroeder to discuss what happened at the March, 2014 Cottage Grove City Council meetings.
Walmart Ribbon Cutting
On March 12, 2014 Walmart opened their doors in the Cottage Grove community. The 24 hour super center offers general merchandise, a full grocery line, drive thru pharmacy, liquor store, and more.

Walmart is located at:
9300 E Point Douglas Rd S,
Cottage Grove, MN 55016
Volunteer Park Ranger
If you're passionate about Cottage Grove parks why not join the Volunteer Park Ranger Program? For more info, visit
Mayor Myron Bailey March 2014
Cottage Grove, Minnesota - Mayor Myron Bailey discusses current and future business.
Park Grove Library
Do you know what a Librarian really does? We spend some time at the Park Grove Library in Cottage Grove and meet Librarians Laura Mielenhausen and RaeAnn Palmer. From storytime to book club kits these Librarians are ready to help.

Park Grove Library
7900 Hemingway Avenue South
Cottage Grove, MN 55016
Cottage Grove Spotlight March 2014
On this episode we find out what Librarians really do at the Park Grove Library, check out the entries in the city-wide photo contest, go inside the American Distribution and Manufacturing Company, Mayor Bailey talks about local business, and more.

News with Sharon Madsen:
- Business Showcase April 26th
- CPR classes at the fire hall
- Fire station tours
- Election Judges needed
- Youth Activities Expo March 20th
Rec Connection March 2014
On this month's Rec Connection: find out how you can volunteer as a Cottage Grove Park Ranger, learn what Theresa Uzpen does as a warming house attendant, meet skating school director Liatra Oss, and more.
Cottage Grove City Council Update February, 2014
This month Council Member Jen Peterson joins City Administrator Ryan Schroeder to discuss what happened at the February, 2014 Cottage Grove City Council meetings.
Grove 911 February 2014
This month on Grove 911: get some winter driving safety tips, take a fire station tour, learn CPR, and more.
A woman struggling with addiction changes the course of her life after she is arrested for drunk driving.
Cottage Grove Spotlight February 2014
On this episode we welcome 3 new businesses to town (Famous Dave's, Bella Nails & Spa, and Liberty Tax Service), spend some time with Liatra Oss the skating school director at the ice arena, explore the old town hall built in 1881, find out how local public safety and public works crews have adapted to the roundabouts, and Mayor Bailey talks about business development.

News with Sharon Madsen:
- BEC open house
- Woman thanks police officer for arresting her
- Brysky Benefit
- Stone Soup Variety/Fashion show
- Holiday Train totals
- River Oaks Friday Night Fish Fry
Mayor Myron Bailey February 2014
Mayor Bailey discusses business development in Cottage Grove, Minnesota.
Roundabouts in Cottage Grove
In 2007 a two lane double roundabout was installed on Jamaica Ave at Highway 61 in Cottage Grove, Minnesota. We look at how the project has impacted public safety and how the City has adapted to removing snow from the circular design.
Bella Nails & Spa
On January 28, 2014 the City of Cottage Grove welcomed Bella Nails & Spa to town. Opened by local couple Patrick and Maily Xaphakdy Bella provides high quality nail and spa services.

Bella Nails & Spa
8459 East Point Douglas Road
Cottage Grove, MN 55016
Cottage Grove Skating School - Liatra Oss
For the last 33 years hundreds of people have learned to skate at the Cottage Grove Ice Arena from Skating School Director Liatra Oss. We caught up with Liatra at the rink to learn more about this skating guru.
Cottage Grove Town Hall
Built in 1881 the original town hall of Cottage Grove, Minnesota was built for a meeting place in town. Today it still sits as an historical site near Public Works off West Point Douglas Road. Local history buff Judy Spooner takes us inside.
Grove 911 January 2014
This month on a special episode of Grove 911: an inspirational story about how one woman's DUI arrest changed the course of her life.
Cottage Grove City Council Update January, 2014
This month Council Member Dave Thiede joins City Administrator Ryan Schroeder to discuss what the Cottage Grove City Council did at their January 2014 meetings.
Famous Dave's
On January 13, 2014 Famous Dave's opened in Cottage Grove, Minnesota. With 40 employees (most of which also live in town), an official rib cutting ceremony, and a giant inflatable pig named Wilbur the newest business to the City was welcomed.

Famous Dave's
8479 E. Point Douglas Rd. South
Cottage Grove, MN 55016
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