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One the 2017 Finale of First Response: -Meet firefighter Kevin Lynch -Learn more about the Koins for K9s program -Finish your holiday shopping with the Woodb...

On the December edition of First Response: -Learn the tools of the trade for the Woodbury Police Department -Catch up with Lee Vague when he's off duty And so much more!

On this episode of First Response, learn about how to prevent fires in the work place, and get a look at how Woodbury Police helped a mother during a very scary situation.

This month on First Response: -Meet a new member of the Woodbury Paw Patrol
-See what residents learned at the EMS Academy this summer
-Get a peek at the work of Woodbury's Fire Inspector
And much more!

On First Response: -Woodbury Police look to discourage vandalism.
-"Cops and Bobbers"fishing event.
-Woodbury Police at the Law Enforcement United Bike Ride.

On First Response: -See an important new piece of equipment that Woodbury EMS will use to save lives. -Celebrate Woodbury's 50th Year as a city with the Police
And more!

On the March Edition of First Response:
-Woodbury Fire practices Ice Rescue Training
-See the Public Safety Department at the Polar Plunge And more!

Chris, Yvette, and Spencer visit the EMS Bay at the Public Safety Department. Learn about the changes Woodbury Public Safety has made to the EMS services in town. See how you can prevent credit card skimming, and more!

Get prepared for the Mid Winter Cold in this edition of First Response. Learn how to stay prepared during the coldest part of winter, and catch up with the Woodbury Public Safety Department.

We send off 2016 with a bang! On this edition, Chris, Yvette, and Spencer are at the Bielenberg Sports Center. Learn how you can create a family evacuation plan, meet a Woodbury resident who volunteers with the Police Reserves, and more. Plus, check out the best bloopers of 2016!

On the November Edition of First Response:
-See how Woodbury Firefighters prepare for chemical spills -Follow the Fire Department as they visit St. Ambrose School
-Woodbury EMS shows how they use a lifesaving drug
That, and much more on First Response!

On this episode, we celebrate First Response by looking back on some of our favorite stories from the past five years.

Join Chris and Yvette for the September Edition of First Response. This month, meet a Woodbury officer who won an award from the Minnesota Twins. See Woodbury's Fire Department in action at a fire in Afton, and much more

On the August Edition of First Response:
-Meet a member of Woodbury's Paw Patrol
-Check out this year's Safety Camp
-Ride on the Memorial EMS Bike Ride
And much more!

Chris and Spencer take you inside the Woodbury Public Safety Department. On this show, see June's live fire training in Maplewood and get grilling safety tips from the Woodbury Fire Department. That, and much more!

On the June Edition of First Response
-Meet Woodbury's newest K9
-Take a peek at the 2016 Mock Crash
-See how Woodbury Police train for active shooter situations

That more on First Response

Woodbury Public Safety participates in CIT, Crisis Intervention Training. Sgt. Scott Melander shows how Woodbury cops search for impaired drivers, and meet Woodbury's newest police officer Tommy Satele.
That, and more on First Response.

First Response hosts Chris, Yvette, and Spencer are joined by the hosts of Grove 911 this month, to talk about mutual aid. Also, meet HAL, and learn how Public Safety maintains their vehicles. That, and much more on the April edition of First Response!

On this episode of First Response: Join the team at the Fox Run Road Fire Station. -Learn how Woodbury EMS trains in CPR -See the new Woodbury Police Officers' on street training.

Woodbury Police, Fire, and EMS are busy this month! Catch up with the Public Safety Department as they host Cub Scouts from Woodbury, see some of Woodbury Police Department's newest equipment, and learn about how to drive a fire truck! All that and more, on First Response!

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